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Korean Cosmetic Exclusive Brands

With years of sales and knowledge experiences we are trying to expand overseas route and brand awareness
through authorized distributor from various brands globally.

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In order to give energy and positive changes, DEARMAY tries its best to make the products not only safe but also naturally-derived ingredients without hazardous chemicals for you and your loved ones.

Website Link: www.dearmay.co.kr/

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Karadium, the name that calling for natural color instinct.
Karadium is one of a brand that researching suitable colors for women and try become the leader of a trendy makeup brand. The process of makeover change is a precious moment for each woman and we will always there for you and become a companion for that process.

Website Link: www.karadium.co.kr/

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Stylized as rom&nd, South Korea-based cosmetics brand romand was founded with the input of celebrated Korean beauty influencer Saeron Min, commonly known as Gaeko. Immediately gaining popularity after launch, romand offers high-quality products that accentuate customers’ unique beauty and create Instagrammable results. Brand bestsellers include the Zero Gram Matte Lipstick, Zero Velvet Tint, Zero Cushion and Better Than Cheek blusher. BELECO exclusive only in Vietnam.

Website Link: www.romand.co.kr/

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Born to have fun , made to be played .
The Korean Cosmetic Candy Labs is a brand that was born to inspire beauty girls who want to try new things freely, makeup is a bit more fun and fun
BELECO exclusive in Vietnam

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Are you living in this busy life of cities? Always encounter with the same information and hazardous environment. For you who are always concern the best solutions for your skin, we are the brand that provides solution for your skin concern by adding the good ingredient and reduce the ineffective ingredient. BELECO exclusive only in Vietnam.

Website Link: www.g9skin.com/

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Beauty brand Peach C was founded by Korean model and blogger Haneul, who also owns lingerie brand Haneul Haneul. Famous for its matte lipsticks and eye shadows, Peach C offers makeup in sweet and juicy colors to help achieve a youthful look.

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The creation and development! The confidence of my skin!
The Skin Face is a brand made by experienced skin researcher!
Our makeup brand always takes consideration of healthy skin and beauty first.

Website Link: www.theskinface.co.kr/

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Vital Cream with twice the moisture effect strengthened by Baby hydro-code contained in the gel network, forms concrete moisture film to care skin, and collagen fills elasticity to moisturize and softens as if baby’s skin.

Website Link: http://biocos.co.kr

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