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BELECO’s brands

Through rich experience and knowledge skills in order to make women’s beauty more compelling,
BELECO’s has launched their own brands which are BELECO Cosmetic, PLUMERIA, and CHOUCHOU.
We will try to create a better products that customers can trust in the future.

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BELECO’s urban stick shot lipstick is made up of various textures that provide moisture and pigmented colors for the lips. Try to make a professional makeup look with the long-lasting lipstick. The lipstick contains grape seed oil and shea butter ingredients that keep the lips moisturized.


Website Link: 

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A special product that will make you special “CHOUCHOU“ means special people in French. Gorgeous and luxurious black with gold color package, premium products designed for texture, feel, color and case. It’s a functional Korean cosmetics reflecting trends that make customers special, differentiated design, not just cosmetics for beauty.


Website Link: www.chouchou.kr/

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