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Security & Privacy Policy

Security Policy

Your security policy is our top priority. After was established in 2012 we never share, lease or sell buyer’s information to anyone. We are never going to share your personal information in the future too.

After registering your personal information we will protect your information at online and offline.

We use different kinds of a security system and procedures to prevent unauthorized user to use and access any personal information data. As an example, your personal information saved in a computer system with the security system. BELECO employees always received updated information regarding the security process through training,

With the appropriate process, we protect your personal information from an unauthorized user. But, the file that has been saved or sent through server cannot be protected fully. We are trying our best to secure your personal information but we cannot fully protect information that has been sent to us. We do not take any responsibilities when your personal information is being exposed, destroyed and stolen.

BELECO & Third-Party

Like other retail company,  when you visit our website we will save your visiting information. Your visiting information will be saved to improve our service in the future. To collect this information Google is using others technology similar to Google software. As an example, we are using the help of google analytics to help measure the website. This software is used to evaluate BELECO website from anonymous and people who have used the website.

This software will provide information such as devices (e.g : computer, tablet, smartphone) and browser type (e.g : Windows, Macintosh, Android, iOS). When people accessing the website we collect the information in order to make the website performance more optimal based on the technology that is being used.

Part of this technology is using “cookie”. The Cookie is a text file data saved in a hard drive. Most of the cookie called “section cookie” will be automatically deleted when the browser closed. Besides that, there is another cookie such as “permanent cookie”. This common cookie provides information regarding product and price. But, through browser guideline help, you can easily delete the cookies.

While this data is saved by BELECO we will not lease the data. But, if the official court request the information for search warrant then we will reveal the information.

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