2016 Beleco Beauty Year-End Party

>>2016 Beleco Beauty Year-End Party

2016 Beleco Beauty Year-End Party

While we ended the year of 2016, our BELECO family had yer end party by playing bowling ball.

2016-Beleco-Beauty-Year-End Party
The party was arranged with “year-end report and new year plan”, “Surprise award ceremony” “dinner party” and “battle bowling team”.

Through “year-end report and new year plan” all of the staff make an analysis of achievements and make a recognition of each other.

2016-Beleco-Beauty-Year-End Party-Award-Ceremony
2016-Beleco-Beauty-Year-End Party-Award-Ceremony-02
Surprise award ceremony was given for those who have a great achievement in that year.

2016-Beleco-Beauty-Year-End Party-happy-dinner-time
All of the family enjoyed the year-end party with a buffet feast.

After dinner, bowling contest was held by four different teams that compete with each other. 
While playing the bowling we close to end of the year 2016 with laughter with BELECO family.

We greatly thankful for BELECO staff that has been doing all the hard work all people that have supported BELECO for all this time. .
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